Paulina Miczka

Ceramic designer.

Currently based in Edinburgh. Born in Poland.

Soon after moving to Scotland I learnt how to throw on the wheel and fell in love with it. I feel deeply connected to this technique.

My backgroud is speciality coffee and I have been working within the industry for over 8 years. In 2017, I won the world AeroPress Championship title and was the first woman to win this award.

Working with coffee for so long made me realize how important the vessel you drink from is. The shape, colour and texture all matter. Making beautiful coffee cups is what inspired me to find the wheel.

My work is characterised by my use of texturised clay with a light colour palate. Although I do love colour and am known to sometimes let myself get lost in it. Everything I make is inspired by the current season. My finished products are made with high fired stoneware clay with food safe glazes.

I seek to create an ever evolving collection of functional hand thrown ceramics. I make pottery for people who are willing to celebrate their every day life and take their coffee/tea experience to the next level.

I hope you will enjoy using my ceramics as much as I enjoy making them!

If you have any questions about the items or you are interested in collaboration please contact me at miczka.ceramics@gmail.com


follow me on my Instagram @miczka.ceramics